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A solid and unrivalled record of initiating and delivering Green policies



A solid and unrivalled record of initiating and delivering Green policies

Andrew has initiated innovative Green Party policies with very tangible results

“I always try to find a way to get action and make changes often against the odds. I work across party to get agreement build alliances and seek to enthuse others. I like problem solving which is fortunate as we have so many!"

Andrew Cooper - Renewable Energy Fund

Some of Andrew’s key achievements

2000 - Renewable Energy Fund: Andrew was responsible for establishing the Renewable Energy Fund in Kirklees. When the Climate Change Levy was put on all non-domestic energy bills, large employers benefited through lower National Insurance contributions. Kirklees was a net beneficiary of this new arrangement & the Renewable Energy Fund established. This resulted in Kirklees having 5% of the UK's solar capacity & numerous other renewable technologies have been successfully trialled.

2004 - Kirklees Energy Efficiency Programme: Andrew initiated a £500k/year scheme to provide all pensioners in Kirklees with free insulation regardless of income. This scheme was a successful partnership with Scottish Power utilizing their Energy Efficiency Commitment monies.

2005 - Renewable Energy in Public Buildings: Andrew successfully argued that all new public buildings have their energy needs met from 10% renewable energy sources rising by 5% per year until 2011.

2006 - Warm Zone Plus - free insulation for every householder in Kirklees: In November 2006 Andrew drew up proposals for a £20 million scheme that would provide free insulation to every householder in Kirklees. We asked council officers to draw up costings and our proposal was successfully put to the Budget Council meeting. The average householder benefitting from Warmzone saved over £150 per year off their heating bills.  This meant that around £3 million went back into the local economy each year. 200 new worthwhile jobs were created and a new training centre established in Kirklees for cavity wall installers. This scheme was cited by the Local Government Association and UK Government as an example of excellent practice.

2008 - 'RE-Charge' helps fund renewable energy schemes for householders The RE-Charge scheme was a revolutionary scheme that helped people install renewable energy in their home and pay for it when they sold their property through a 'second charge'. There were no upfront costs so householders got the benefit of solar panels immediately without having to pay monthly repayments or interest charges. In 2009 this project was named joint winner of British Renewable Energy Awards.

2009 – Andrew named as one of The Independent on Sunday's Top 100 Environmentalists – Number 59

2010 - Leeds City Council Free Insulation Scheme. Andrew worked with the three Leeds Green Party Councillors who held the balance of power, to establish a free insulation scheme for all Leeds residents

2012 – The 1000 Fruit Tree project - in his role as a Parish Councillor Andrew initiated a successful project to plant a 1000 fruit trees across the Kirkburton Parish.

Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper No Fracking Way

2013 –Social Energy Target. Andrew established the concept of a Social Energy Target for the European Union and commissioned a research project into its feasibility in collaboration with Jean Lambert MEP.

2015 - General Election – Daily Politics Energy and Climate Change Debate -  Andrew represented the Green Party in the Daily Politics Energy and Environment debate pitted against Ministers and Shadow Ministers, He also appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire show and represented the Green Party at the Manifesto launch.

2016 – Passivhaus Flat Pack Campaign – Andrew developed a model campaigning tool for local Green Parties to help local parties call for more energy efficient homes to be built in their local areas

2017 - COP23 Global Summit of Regional and Local Leaders - In his role as a member of the EU Committee of the Regions I successfully introduced the concept of Locally and Regionally Determined Contributions as a new method for reaching the Paris Climate Goals

2018 – COP24 Locally Determined Contributions – I secured the support of the European Parliament and the LGMA the global body representing Local Government in advance of the COP24 Climate Talks.

2019 – Kirklees Anti Fracking policy approved - introduced a clause in our Local Plan making planning applicants for fracking wells prove that their operations would have net zero impact on climate change.