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A background in green energy, local government and global climate action



A solid and unrivalled record of initiating and delivering Green policies

Andrew had a successful career working in the Sustainable Energy sector working on project management of energy efficiency and renewable energy schemes.

He has represented the Renewable Energy Industry on microgeneration policy and dealt directly with Ministers and senior civil servants as part of the campaign to establish a Feed In Tariff for solar, wind and other technologies. As Energy Policy Manager for the Yorkshire and Humber Assembly he wrote their Energy Policy which directly influenced policy for all Council’s in the Region.

Eu CoR

Andrew has been a Deputy Chair of a number of Local Government Association Policy Boards where he has worked successfully with politicians across the party political spectrum.

As the last Chair of the Local Government Association’s Inland Flood Risk Working Group he represented the views of Councils at a Parliamentary Select Committee inquiry into funding for flood defences.

As a member of the EU Committee of the Regions (the body representing Local and Regional Government in the EU) Andrew established global support for a policy giving more power to Councils and other devolved administrations to influence national action on climate change.

This directly influenced the final statement of the 2018 UN COP Climate talks of which the UK is a signatory.