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An elected Green in the House of Lords



An elected Green in the House of Lords

Andrew Cooper Delivering Leaflets

Andrew Cooper first became a Green Councillor on Kirklees Metropolitan Council in 1999. He has been elected and re-elected to the Newsome Ward six times.

In the ward Andrew represents the Green Party has won every Local Election since 1996. That is a record 18 Green Party election wins in a row in the same ward in a large Metropolitan Council.

On Kirklees he is the Green Group Leader and has been a Cabinet Member responsible for Housing. As a national level Andrew is the Local Government Association’s Lead Peer Mentor for Green Party Councillors and has helped many Greens across the country with the practical everyday problems of being a Green Party elected politician.

“As a Party that opposes the House of Lords for being undemocratic, it would send a very strong message for the Green Party to elect a House of Lords Nominee who was an elected politician responsible to an electorate. Just like an MP is.

"On a daily basis I see the impact of Government policies on the communities I represent and as such, in Parliament, I can speak with authority and authenticity about the effect of legislation proposed n Westminster.”