Andrew on social media:

My Statement


This is my statement to Green Party members living in the Yorkshire & the Humber region as to why they should select me to represent them in the EU elections.

"If ever there was an apprenticeship scheme to be an MEP then I’ve spent the last 4 years on it.

In 2015 I was appointed to the EU Committee of the Regions as part of the UK’s delegation of 24 local and regionally elected representatives.  It has 350 representatives from the EU’s 28 member states and provides opinions on how EU policy impacts at the local levels. It considers many of the same issues as the European Parliament. I have directly influenced EU policy and successfully proposed that support be provided to EU states to achieve EU Climate Change targets.

I was an active member of the EU Delegation to the last four UN Climate Talks. I proposed a new concept to address climate change by empowering Local and Regional Authorities to set their own targets with plans to achieve them. This was supported by the European Parliament and the body representing Local and Regional Government around the world. Though the UN did not accept the proposal, agreement was reached on National Governments having to consult with Local Government on their plans.


I’ve been a Green Party Councillor on Kirklees Council for 20 years and have been elected and re-elected six times. In my time as a Kirklees Councillor we have used our influence to initiate a £21 million scheme offering free insulation to every household. Hundreds of council tenants have solar panels as a result of a Green Party initiative and more recently we have passed a policy ensuring that any Fracking Planning Application has to demonstrate how it has ‘Net Zero impact on Climate Change’.

Please support me as your Lead Candidate in the 2019 European Elections and be clear that a Green vote is a vote for a "People's Vote" with the option of remaining in the EU."